I recently watched an episode of ‘Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport’ on catch-up, which explores life behind the scenes at Europe's biggest and busiest airport. This got me thinking… If you’re on a plane, landing is one of the most critical phases of any flight. As passengers we put our faith in the highly experienced pilot to ensure it is executed in a safe and controlled manner.  It led me to draw similarities to the work we do at Robertson Facilities Management.

In the 8 years I have been with the business, I have always been proud of how we have grown year on year. Being an FM professional as part of a Group covering the entire built environment, I always felt we were in a perfect position to assist our clients, as in our businesses it is not just the taking off and flying, it is also about the landing.

For our construction colleagues, building comes naturally. With over 50 years’ experience we have seen many clients come back to Robertson because we are easy to work with. Traditionally the design and build of a new office, hospital or school has been a linear process, however we understand that it can be daunting, and we offer a more enhanced package to work with our clients every step of the way.

BSRIA launched Soft Landings back in 2009 (the same year I joined Robertson) and in 2012 Government Soft Landings was launched by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit, to become a mandatory requirement for all Central Government construction and refurbishment projects from 2016 onwards. In line with this, I accompanied the Robertson Senior Managers and Directors to a BSRIA-run soft landings workshop. For most us there, we were aware of Soft Landings from when it was first launched alongside the benefits it can derive, but what a lot of us hadn’t realised was that as a Group, we were already doing it and had been for many years!

There are not many businesses like ours. Since 1998, Robertson Facilities Management have received handover of almost 100 schools and health facilities, which we have then gone on to operate and maintain on behalf of our client organisations. 

So, it’s true; the Robertson Group is flying and we are utilising our facilities management expertise and experience to make sure the landings are successful and that we are ready for the next flight.




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